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How to Win K-12 School Safety Grants

There are multiple ways to help your school win safety grants. Click for more details.

Splitting the Project: Easiest

Split your project into multiple sections and roll outs to take advantage of funding through the same fiscal year or multiple fiscal years.

  • The most common way of splitting your project is to roll out the “equipment” i.e. Your RedBags with bleeding control supplies first to every classroom WITH our proprietary inventory management system, and then later roll out our RedBag Radio communications with the bags that have already been placed in each classroom/behind every locked door.
  • We can also roll out the full program to certain parts of the district first, and then others later which would also help in split pricing.
Leasing: Fiscally Responsible Creative
We work closely with a bank that allows us to provide lease-to-own programs for the total amount of your RedBag proposal.

  • $1 buy out at the end of your term, and no penalties to buy out before the term is up.
  • Payment options of monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • If you know you will not be receiving grant/bond funding for a certain amount of time, but would like to get RedBag implemented now - This allows the district to find funding to do so and pay off as soon as the grant/bond funding comes in with no early payoff
Hospitals: Most Creative
Why not get your community involved? Hospitals have a unique vested interest in ensuring that students, teachers, and staff survive any type of mass casualty type of event that could occur at a school district. They are always looking for opportunities to strengthen their relationship in the community.

  • Start with a conversation about bleeding control kits. Many hospitals teach stop the bleed and want to find creative ways to keep more bleeding control supplies into the community. By showing them the need you have in your district it’s a GREAT first step to establishing this relationship.
  • Show hospitals how having communication ATTACHED to the bleeding supplies is essential to protecting students and staff and ensuring proper use of the supplies themselves. They two are integral to the other.
Grants: Traditional
Many grants exist today for improvements to overall school safety. We are constantly trying to stay on top of all of the federal and state funding that exists and keep our website as up to date as possible on various opportunities. Please visit www.getredbag.com to
find out what may be available for your district and the deadlines you need to meet.

  • Many grant funding opportunities may seem on the surface that RedBag would not qualify, however we have been able to provide specifications in the past to circumvent these initial assumptions.
  • We have an inhouse grant expert on staff as well to help you navigate through any process and ensuring RedBag is properly included.
Bonds: Traditional

If your district has a bond available, we have many bid specifications available to ensure RedBag fits the language in the bond so that you can receive funding for your project. Each bond is unique and we have an in-house staff expert to help with your bond process and either writing it with you from the beginning or fitting it in after the fact.

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