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Silent Crisis Communication for Teachers and Students + Emergency Supplies for the Classroom

RedBag Ready


Lockdowns, hold, secure perimeter, evacuations, shelter-in-place, drills and training.

The Full Solution

RedBag Ready
RedBag Ready

RedBag Supply Cache

Provides teachers and students with a cache of supplies to help during any emergency. The built in inventory management feature insures that all your RedBags are “Ready”when needed.


  • Customize contents to your needs
  • Provide training resources for their use
  • Build your bag as you go
  • Update the supplies in your RedBag over time
  • Track and deploy what is in your bag and what is being used
RedBag Ready

RedBag Radio

Provides broadcast notifications into the
classroom with an intuitive emergency
chat feature. All of this is activated by a QRCode with no pre-loaded app required.


  • Available in every classroom 24/7 ready to respond
  • Assures instant communication to the classroom so students and teachers are informed and aware during an incident
  • Train students and teachers with low stress drills, showing quickest responding classroom and identifying improvement opportunities
  • Can be deployed without a full supply cache, enabling classrooms to be connected even when supply cache is not yet deployed
RedBag Ready

RedBag Ready!

Know that during an emergency your teachers and students have the information and supplies they need to begin the recovery process as early as possible for the best possible outcome.


  • Give your students and teachers the best tools available in an emergency
  • Know what is happening in all of the classrooms during an emergency and be able to communicate with specific classrooms and areas in your schools

The RedBag Radio Difference

At RedBag we believe that “Recovery starts when the crisis begins”. Our focus is on the well-being of the teachers and students in the classroom. During a crisis we need to communicate quickly, effectively and often to reduce traumatic stress. The faster they know they are no longer in danger, the less damage is done. The goal is to mitigate any potential long term trauma brought on by the incident.

RedBag Ready
RedBag Ready

In a lockdown our teachers and students…


…what to do

…what is going on

…how to get help

RedBag Ready

In a lockdown our security staff…


…where you are

…how you are doing

…when you need help

RedBag Device Previews
RedBag Ready

RedBag Radio is a ‘cloud connected’ silent communications tool

that provides broadcast and two-way communication between the classroom and emergency responders.

How It Works

1. Activate

The system is activated by scanning the QR code attached to the bag from any smartphone camera.

2. Communicate

Complete your SRP checklist.
Receive secure broadcast messages.

3. Articulate

Get help quickly and quietly with a secure two-way chat feature designed to get you to the right resource fast.

See How It Works

Introduction to RedBag – How It Works

RedBag – Emergency Supplies + Emergency Communications

What People Are Saying

I am a student who decided to scan the bag and see the content that was provided with the QR code. The information was really helpful and the videos were very informational, while being the perfect length so a person can act immediately. I feel a lot safer with these instructions in the classroom ready for anyone to use. I didn’t get a chance to open the emergency chat because this was a drill. But one of my biggest fears as a student in a lockdown was I had no way to contact the authorities that were already in the building. With that being said, the emergency chat took that whole fear away and I am so thankful for that. Overall I think the red bag and QR code is super helpful for everyone in a lockdown setting.

– Smoky Hill High School Student

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for today’s training.  As a former principal in a nearby district, these annual trainings were nothing less than traumatizing and the training managers often used fear and sensationalism as their training aids.  I would spend my day after these trainings focused on staff mental health because there are not many people who have not been affected in some way by the many events in Colorado history.  

First, this RedBag process is phenomenal and blows my mind.  What an incredibly thoughtful and strategic process to help guide people in a potentially horrific situation.  As a teacher, I feel so much more secure and supported in helping keep my students safe. 

Second, thank you for your delivery.  Thank you for understanding educators, students, and calming fears as opposed to inciting them.  I cannot even begin to tell you the value of this.  Today has once again reinforced why Cherry Creek does things so well.  Thank you so much!”

– Lee-ann H., Teacher at Cherry Creek Schools

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all you and district security do to protect students and staff in CCSD. Im a Columbine survivor, and am so impressed by the new security measures being put in place this year. The Red Bag system we will now have with the QR codes would have saved lives at Columbine. Most of what you and your team do is behind the scenes, but please know it is not taken for granted. So, thank you! 

– Erin F., Teacher at Falcon Creek Middle School

Thank you very much for providing the Redbags for us! Our district is way ahead of most in this area, and we appreciate it.

– Jennie L, Teacher, Cherokee Trail High School

Channel 4
Cherry Creek Schools Have a RedBag in Every Classroom

Colorado Students Question School Security Plans After Uvalde

Ian Lopez
Director of Safety and Security for the Cherry Creek School District

Chris Wells
Captain South Metro Fire Department

Kathryn Wells
Reading Director Eaglecrest High School

Kelsey Jones
Principal Arrowhead Elementary School

Courtney Welton-Mitchell PhD
on RedBag

Chuck Malott
Founder of RedBag

RedBag Features

RedBag Ready
QR code activated classroom application
RedBag Ready
Emergency Responder multi-tenant dashboard
RedBag Ready
Classroom lockdown feature, checklist
RedBag Ready
Link to informational video or other resources
RedBag Ready
All application setup and configuration items (User setup, inventory, links, checklists, etc.)
RedBag Ready
Bag setup and location identification process in the classroom
RedBag Ready
Bag inventory management software

“Schools should be a sanctuary where our kids learn in an environment without fear. Our goal is to help every school district in the country access the resources available to them to keep their students safe. The parents in Uvalde asked us to do one thing, “make their lives matter.” We hope this can help do just that.”


Maximize School Safety Funding to Protect Your School

Federal, state, and local funding sources help K-12 schools improve security and safety

The just keep livin Foundation’s Greenlights Grant Initiative, founded by Matthew McConaughey, helps school districts nationwide access billions of dollars of available federal funding to create safer school environments and ensure the well-being of our children.

See the RedBag Difference

We would love to show you how it works and how RedBag can make a difference and save lives in your school or organization.