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RedBag Supply Cache

Provides teachers and students with a cache of supplies to help during any emergency. The built in inventory management feature insures that all your RedBags are “Ready”when needed.


  • Customize contents to your needs
  • Provide training resources for their use
  • Build your bag as you go
  • Update the supplies in your RedBag over time
  • Track and deploy what is in your bag and what is being used
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RedBag Radio

Provides broadcast notifications into the
classroom with an intuitive emergency
chat feature. All of this is activated by a QRCode with no pre-loaded app required.


  • Available in every classroom 24/7 ready to respond
  • Assures instant communication to the classroom so students and teachers are informed and aware during an incident
  • Train students and teachers with low stress drills, showing quickest responding classroom and identifying improvement opportunities
  • Can be deployed without a full supply cache, enabling classrooms to be connected even when supply cache is not yet deployed
RedBag Chat
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RedBag Ready!

Know that during an emergency your teachers and students have the information and supplies they need to begin the recovery process as early as possible for the best possible outcome.


  • Give your students and teachers the best tools available in an emergency
  • Know what is happening in all of the classrooms during an emergency and be able to communicate with specific classrooms and areas in your schools

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