Redbag is a sustainable cache of emergency supplies in the classroom ‘cloud connected’ that provides two-way communication with the classroom and situational awareness for teachers and students.


How It Works


Scan the QR Code

The system is accessed by a QR Code attached to the bag that can be scanned by any smartphone camera.


Real-Time Broadcast Messaging

Allows teachers and students know what is going on. Messages from the district, incident commander or other trusted sources are displayed in real-time.


Two-Way Chat Feature

 If help is required in the classroom the educator can initiate a two-way chat with an emergency resource (medical, law enforcement, psychological) that is working the lockdown.  The chat is a quiet way to get assistance with an issue but can easily move to a phone conversation if required.  

Redbag Features

QR code activated classroom application
Emergency Responder multi-tenant dashboard
  • Arial map to show lockdown safety status using map pins
  • Broadcast messages sent to the classroom
  • View only or full control for broadcast and two-way chat (user role enabled)
  • Classroom chat feature
  • Chat handoff via map (i.e. Multiple people can work multiple classrooms)

Bag inventory management software

  • System setup and templating of RedBag contents
  • Manifest and reporting for needed replacement supplies
  • Inventory of bags via mobile phone
  • Modification of bag contents (add/remove)
All application setup and configuration items (User setup, inventory, links, checklists, etc.)
Classroom lockdown feature, checklist
Bag setup and location identification process in the classroom
Link to informational video or other resources

Why Redbag?




Online app system allows for silent communication to keep students safe.


Less Congestion

Incident command can communicate indirectly to Parents via their Kids.  Parents can be directed by their kids to go to the re-unification location instead of the school. This allows first responders to respond to the emergency instead of managing traffic and thousands of parents


Instant Updates

Parents, teachers and administrators get instant updates on students.

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